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Case Management Program

The Case Management program is a specialized community-based support program for adults with an intellectual disability or a dual diagnosis (adults with a developmental disability and mental health needs), who have little or no supports. Services and supports are person-centered and person-directed. A Case Manager/Planner can assist individuals in accessing the necessary supports and services from various service systems available in their community in order to participate fully in all aspects of life.

Members of the team also work to enhance the community’s capacity to connect with and serve individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Areas of case management support includes but is not limited to matters involving:

  • Family Law
  • Housing                                                  
  • Income
  • Criminal Law                                                           
  • Health                                                                       
  • Access to Services

The Program’s Case Managers/Planners can also work with individuals and members they have identified as part of their support network, to develop short term and/or long term plans which meet individual needs and goals, while building on strengths and talents.  Service delivery is based on a voluntary relationship between the individual and a Case Manager/Planner.

Referrals can be made through Developmental Services Ontario by calling 1-855-376-3737. For further referral information, please visit 

For further information or inquiries, please call our Agency at 613-932-4610, or 1-855-647-8483.


Transitional Aged Youth Program

The Transitional Aged Youth Program (TAY) offers assessment and planning to youth exiting the child welfare system and preparing to enter the adult developmental services system. Referrals are received from Developmental Services Ontario, 1-855-376-3737. For further information, please visit 

The Case Manager/Planner along with members of the individual’s support network will develop an Individualized Support Plan reflecting the individual’s goals and needs. The Case Manager/Planner will strive to secure the necessary supports and services required from local service providers as identified in the plan.


For further information or inquiries, please call our Agency at 613-932-4610, or 1-855-647-8483.


Brokerage Service

The Ministry of Community and Social Services offers the Passport program across the province of Ontario.  Passport is a program that helps people with a developmental disability live as independently as possible in their communities.  Individuals with a developmental disability (or their families) can apply for funding to support their personal development and growth. They can use the money to pay for activities to help them:

  • Grow personally                                                                                
  • Reach their goals        
  • Participate in the community                                                   
  • Develop work and volunteer skills   
  • Create their own plans (this is called person-directed planning)                                             

With Passport funding, individuals and families can: 

  • receive money directly so they can purchase their own services and supportsget services and supports through community-based agencies
  • get services and supports through a combination of both

Our Agency can assist individuals and/or families manage and account for the funding received from the Ministry’s Passport program.   Key support areas include the development of a support plan that is person-directed, coordination, management and monitoring of supports and services to be purchased.

To apply and determine eligibility, contact Developmental Services Ontario, 1-855-376-3737 or

For further information regarding Passport funding, please visit the Ministry website at


For further information or inquiries, please call our Agency at 613-932-4610, or 1-855-647-8483.


Urgent Response Program

The Adult Developmental Services Urgent Response Guildelines were implemented in June 2014 for adults with a developmental disability in urgent need where natural or community supports are not available. The Agency's Community Support Services was chosen by MCSS to deliver this provincial initiative in Cornwall and the United Counties of SDG, known as the Urgent Response Lead.  An urgent repesponce shall be considered for an adult with a developmental disability who is at high risk due to the following circumstances:

  • the person's unpaid primary caregiver (e.g. familiy member) is unable to continue providing care that is essential to the individual's health and wellbeing; OR,
  • the individual has no residence or is at high risk of having no residence in the very near future; OR,
  • the individual's support needs have changed to such an extent that their current support arrangement may soon become untenable and their wellbeing is likely to be at risk; OR,
  • formal and informal supports are not available to reduce the risk of harm or address the need.


The Urgent Respoense Mechanism is triggered exclusively by Developmental Serives Ontario.


For further information or inquiries, please call our Agency at 613-932-4610, or 1-855-647-8483.